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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Animal Kaiser roadmap

Purpose of this blog to provide information on this new gaming machine, Animal Kaiser in Singapore.

First launch in Singapore was somewhere in Jul 2009.

What is Animal Kaiser or in chinese 百獣大戦?
Arcade Gaming Machine from Bandai Namco. Epic battles of animals in Arcade VS mode by scanning player's collection of battle cards.

Version 1 Raw
Type of cards
Animal - 34 different collectible cards
Strong - 27 different collectible cards
Miracle - 17 different collectible cards

A total of 64 cards

Simple battle mechanics using 2 control buttons to select skills and determine who gets to launch the attack

Green Button
Determine attack skill by alphabets :
'G' - GUTS
'T' - TECH

Yellow Button
Determine who gets to launch the attack :

Animal Kaiser current Version in Singapore : Version 1

How to be a Animal Kaiser Battle master ?
  • Journey out to build up your battle cards collection
  • Practise your vision with finger coordination
  • Getting the knowledge of mixing the cards to create powerful combination to crush your opponent

Where to find Animal Kaiser Machines ?
These Animal Kaiser machines are available major Arcade Centers like Virtual Land, ZoneX and Timezone and selected 7Eleven Stores in Singapore.

Official Animal Kaiser website from Namco -

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  1. HI! Does anyone has or know where i can get a jpg picture depicting AK that i can use to make the design for a birthday cake?


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