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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Animal Kaiser 'Photo hunt'

Manage to get this jap version cardlist

thought both version 1 should be the same but taking a closer look

Animal kaiser version 1 card list english version is slightly different from japanese version

click on the image to get clearer display.

Some different i spotted
Jap Ver Eng ver 1
29 Animal cards 34 Animal cards
29 Strong cards 27 Strong cards
14 Miracle cards 17 Miracle cards
Total 72 types Total 78 types

Animal Cards Missing
bengal tiger hammer head shark(silver)
African Elephant
Electric Ray
Manta Ray
Golden Eagle

Strong Cards Missing
Jap Ver
Time of Miracles
Focus Charge
lighting speed
defensive strike

Eng Ver
Erm need japanese Translator
The first card on the list, group of animals in it
Lion vs elephant, no 7th card on the list
hippo, no 10th card on the list
bear vs cheetah, 13th card on the list
Elephant squash, 19th card on the list
Whale over the earth, 25th card on the list
A hippo dream, 27th card on the list

Miracle Cards Missing
Jap Ver Eng Ver
Alien Egg A None
Alien Egg B
Alien Egg C

spotted the different i might miss out, can post as comments
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