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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cards Conbination Part 1

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Knowing your Animal Kaiser cards, let's start with learning the Animal Cards
Taking Golden Eagle for example,
Here's 4 type of information about the animal card (Red)
Info 1 - Strength of animal => determine the attack power of your animal, higher the better

Info 2 - Health of animal => aka HP bar, just like any other game character, more hits points your animal can withdraw more attacks

Info 3 - Type of animal card. Consist of heavy, multi, speed. Golden Eagle belongs to the heavy type. (comes into play when matching your miracle cards, will touch on that in another post)

Info 4 - Types of skills that your animal can launch against the opponent.
G - Bird Bomb attack
T - Sky Derringer
P - Inertial Bomber
** Important - 1 of the skill will be highlight. For Golden Eagle, it's 'T' - Sky Derringer. This your animal best attack among the 3 so aim to get 'T' when the attack slot is spinning.(comes into play when matching your strong cards, will touch on that in another post)

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