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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Animal Kaiser Card List Japanese Version 7

Animal Kaiser Card List Japanese Version 7
 百獣大戦アニマルカイザー第7弾 爆突! 絶滅四天王VS新闘士
7 爆突 Animarukaiza beasts of War series! Shitenno new fighter VS extinction

war of mass species extinction biases from time immemorial. Rampaging across time and space over their Monosugoanimaru Bacchus!  
The debut from the family turtle Togeyamagame, Oosaichou from the birds entered the Bateleur, are increasingly engaged in a chaotic battle.

Animal that the new boss comes back! ! Rare ultimate "Galleon" Let's try to get your boss!

43 Animal cards
21 Strong cards
19 Miracle cards


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