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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year to all Animal Kaiser Fans

Been pretty busy for the past few weeks and frankly i got lazy =\

Got quite abit of catch to do on Animal Kaiser Trends and Happening. I wonder if everyone still playing as much on Animal Kaiser as school reopen. Well if guess it's a good time to showcase your album of rare cards and do some really good bargains and trading with your fellow friends.

Heard some rumours a couple of days back on someone spending a hefty sum on a single Animal Kaiser card (well no idea what tat card was and was it jap version, all i heard was the value is real high)

Here somes, what's the highest amount you or your friend or you saw someone paying for a single animal kaiser card both English & Japanese Version. Common ones are $80 bucks for English gold and $120 for Japanese Rare.

PS : Just logon to google analytics the traffic stream to this blog seem pretty healthy thus i would like to say THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! HUAT AH EVERYONE

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