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Friday, January 29, 2010

Want to Buy

Card Trading is part of the fun element of Animal Kaiser. This post will be delicated to buyers, eyeing for a specific rare card for so lonnnnnnngggggg, lack of 2-3 cards to complete the whole version, looking for irresistable deal etc, This could be your hunting ground....

To sellers : Are you holding the rare card waiting for it's rightful owner? Are you a hardcore fan that have so many spare rare cards ? Are you helping your friends to sell their cards ?

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  1. Buyer : AK FANATIC

    Anybody selling sealord insignia,victory power n artic training??? Cal my friend,Asher,at at 81639605 or leave a reply!!!!


  2. Buyer : Daywalker

    WTB: Bronze Siegfried
    Anyone selling pls SMS me at 96781503.

    Willing to trade with my v2 gold eagle or lion.

    source : http://www.zonex.com.sg/forums

  3. buyer : crazzeboi

    buying ver 1 ocean power
    post reply or sms mi at 91724551 to deal.

    source : http://www.zonex.com.sg/forums

  4. Buyer : giamchaicharloti

    Please pm me if you are willing to sell at the following prices or less:

    All 15 bronze cards - SGD45.00

    All 4 gold cards - SGD140.00

    All 8 silver cards - SGD72.00

    Please leave your hp #.

    Money will be transferred online to your posb/dbs/ocbc accounts only. Required cards to be mailed after you receive payment. No time to do meetup.

    Interested party pls send me a pm message.

    source : http://www.zonex.com.sg/S=a29e6f2f902350ad9978cd1d2c5dd6d9e15919a5/forums/viewthread/1332/

  5. Looking for Ver 1 metor shower and King's Ingsnia. Contact me at 91858484

  6. Looking for Ver 1 metor shower and Red Scorpion. Contact me at 91858484

  7. Hi, I played a lot on animal kaiser in EVO 7 since it was just launched. I have plenty in collection especially in ULTRA RARES, KAISER RARES, GOLD RARES,etc...Interested parties only, may contact us at 86660399 or 93389280.
    Thanks and best regards.


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