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Friday, January 29, 2010

Want to Sell

Card Trading is part of the fun element of Animal Kaiser. This post will be delicated to sellers, feel free to post your list of rare Animal, strong or miracle cards, irresistable offer, complete version etc for sales. Act as another medium for you guys to advertise =D.

To buyers : Are you looking for that rare cards you saw someone using ? Are you left with a few pieces to complete the whole set ? Are you looking for specific cards to maximize your card combination potential, you could probably find it all here.

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Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

From : Kaiser Kids
AK Japan Card A007(AK mascot) + 1 free toy
pic >>>

Selling at $10.00
Card condition:
Card is brand new and in good condition
Payment & Shipping
Cash & Carry @ White Sands,Tampines or Simei MRT station.

Pls E-mail me at for the Confirmation collection Time and Date.

source :

Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

from : openbreaker

I have all the Ver2 4 Gold Animal Kaiser Cards (Lion, Bengal Tiger, Bald Eagle, Red Scorpion) all in good condition plus all the Silver and Brozne cards. Interested please SMS me on 92770998 to complete your Version2 cards collection.

source :

Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

From : xeno84ph

Version 2 cards, all brand new with protective sleeves.

Gold Red Scorpion - $40
Silver Secret Moonlight - $13
Bronze Indian Rhinoceros - $4
Bronze Strong Card Hidden Power - $4
Bronze Miracle Card Alien Egg A - $4
Bronze Miracle Card Alien Egg D - $4
All the rest of the normal cards - each for $0.40

Interested buyers pls PM me your contact no. for deal
Meetup in Kallang MRT or Bugis MRT

source :

Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

Seller : AK KAISER

Complete Set of Animal Kaiser Ver 2 For Sale.
I am selling my complete set for $338.
All are in mint and perfect condition.
Interested party pls call or Sms me at 96798667 to deal.

source :

Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

Seller : chrono23 (chrono23)


If you are interested in buying the cards, pls self collect @ City Square Timezone @ Farrer Park between 2pm to 5pm on Friday 29 Jan 2010. Alternative you can also self collect @ Potong Pasir MRT between 7pm - 9pm.

While Stock Last!!!!! No reservation!!!!

Ver 1 Gold card
Bengal Tiger @ 28

Ver 1 Silver cards
Meteor Shower @ $10
Indian Cobra @ $10

Ver 1 Bronze cards @ $2
Victory Power

Ver 2 Gold Cards ($40)
Bald Eagle

Ver 2 Silver Cards ($12)
Black Hole
HammerHead shark
Mighty Fighter
Meteor Shower

Ver 2 Bronze Cards($4 or 3 for $10)
Leo, the Lion Club
Blue Young Shark
Kid, The Tiger
Joe, The Tiger
Nile Crocrodile
Indian Rhinoceros
Hidden Power
King Insignia
Ice Meteor
Giant meteor
Alien Egg D
Alien Egg A

source :

Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

Seller : Niko (speedniko)

Hi Again!
Updating My List of the AK Cards That am selling.

Version : 2
(Bronze Card) : Hidden Power at S$4.00

Version 2:-(Animal Cards List)
1)Manta Ray at S$0.50
2)Sawshark at S$0.50
3)Smalltooth Sawfish S$0.50
4)Hippo Harry S$0.50
5)Coral Snake, the 2nd S$0.50
6)Golden Eagle S$0.50
7)Rattlesnake,the 2nd S$0.50
8)Peregrine Falcon S$0.50
9)Florida Bark Scorpion S$0.50
10)Brown Bear S$0.50
11)Leopard S$0.50

Version 2:-(Strong Cards List)
1)Soul of a King S$0.50
2)Dream of Victory S$0.50
3)Power Grab S$0.50

Version 2:-(Miracle Cards List)
1)Alien Egg B S$0.50
2)Super Lighting S$0.50
3)Pacific Divide S$0.50
4)Giant Melon S$0.50

Version : 1
I have a lot of Version 1 animal kaiser cards
for cheap sale.Am clearing them as now am
collecting the version 2.
Note!They are in Used Condition.
(Will rate them 8/10)
Am selling 10 normal cards for S$1.00 ONLY!!
PM Me for the list of the version 1 cards that
u wish to buy.

(Animal Cards List)
1) Indian Gavial
2) Great Horned Owl
3) Leopard
4) Cheetah
5) African WildDog
6) Side-striped Jackal
7) Coral Snake
8) Anaconda
9) Smalltooth Sawfish
10) Rattlesnake
11) Brown Bear
12) Golden Eagle

(Miracle Cards List)
1) Volcanic Chain
2) Super Lighting
3) Magma Inferno
4) Lightning

(Strong Cards List)
1) Soul of a KIng
2) Strategic Mind

Version : 1
(Bronze Card) : Hidden Power at S$2.00
(Bronze Card) : Leo,the lion cub at S$2.00
*Note!The cards are used but in good condition.
(Will rate them at 9/10)

*Interested Parties,u can sms me at 9183 2775.

*Cards will be by postage.Please add additional
S$0.26 for S'pore Normal Postage.

Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

Seller : AK KAISER

Selling of Transparent protectors for Animal Kaiser.

Sales Location and self-collect at compasspoint Time Zone.
Interested party Pls call me at 96798667. Pls call me directly. Sms will not be entertain.
And pick up point only at compasspoint Time Zone only.
The price for the protectors is 100pieces for $3.00.
These are stick on protectors.

hmmm wat's the best price for protectors you come across ?

Animal Kaiser Singapore said...

Seller : Agnes Yeoh (agnesy)

Japanese Cards

My extra Japanese Cards for sale:

v10, A-062, Gold King Cobra
v9 A-030, Gold Bengal Tiger
v10, A-137, Silver Ninja Fox
v10, A-138, Bronze Ninja Racoon
v10, Silver Starburst
v10, S-104,444
v10, Gold Lowland Gorilla

Tiger, Spider and Gorilla can be used in local machines. Rest are for collectors and for future use.

Interested pls SMS 96781503

source :

Anonymous said...

I'm selling:

Polar Bear/$15
Meteor Shower/$8
Icarus,the young eagle/$3.50

Normal Card ($1/per card)
Normal cards:
Dark scopian (Poison)
Manta ray & Pacific Divide($1.80)
Brown Bear & Magma Inferno($1.80)
Hippo Barry
Great Horned Owl
Smalltooth Sawfish
Coral snake(Poison)
Snow leopard
Florida Bark Scorpian
Black panther
Rattlesnake,the 2nd
Call of the wild (Strong)
Power grab (Strong)
Pure Soul (Strong)
Alien egg B (miracle)

Interested buyers please Email me @:

Anonymous said...

2x White rhinocerous @ $2
1x Orang Utan @ $2
1x Manta Ray @ $2
1x Indian Elephant @ $2
1x Cobalt Blue Tarantula @ $2
Miracle Cards.
1x Fissure @ $2
1x Lava Flow @ $2
1x Super Lightning @ $2
1x Alien Egg C @ $2
Strong Cards.
1x Iron Barrier @ $2
1x Strike Fast @ $2
1x Spiritual Ease @ $2

Contact : 93533751 /
Dealing location : Tampines.

Anonymous said...

gold European Bison $15.
gold Destructive Desire $30
silver Raging Regulus Scorch JR - $10
silver Approaching Sun $8

Bronze $2 each. Buy 5 free 1.
-Alien Egg T G guard
-Decisive Battle, evil aura
-Nile Crocodile
-Joe, the Tiger
-Giant Meteor Lucky Chance
-Blue, the Young Shark
-Grey headed Flying Fox, vampire
-Indian Rhinoceros
-Indian Rhinoceros
-Use Your Head, Shining Aura 3
-Leo, the Lion Cub
-Giant Panda
-Oorlog, dark burst

Text 92716443.

Anonymous said...

i am looking to buy 1 evo 6 "Big AK" card. anyone interested to sell can sms me.

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