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Friday, January 22, 2010

What kind of content are you looking for ?

Fellow Animal Kaiser Friends, what are you looking for when you hook on the internet and search for animal kaiser related content?

  1. Buy/Sell/Trade cards - local or Japanese version
  2. Check out price range of the cards - what's the good price range to sell or buy
  3. Find out which of the Japanese cards are playable in local machine before buying ?
  4. Any upcoming events/Tournament on Animal Kaiser ?
  5. Latest buzz on Animal Kaiser
  6. Catch latest official Animal Kaiser Video or cool battle video uploaded
  7. Where's the nearest Animal Kaiser machine that I can play ?
  8. When's the next local version coming out ? What could be the new card addition ?

Look forward for your comment on the above. State at least 1 - 2 priority information that you are looking for, this will definitely help us create post that are of your interest and create value ^_^

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