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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Animal Kaiser Fiesta at 7Eleven

First Animal Kaiser Tournament @ 7Eleven stores

Dates :
First Sunday - 7 Mar 2010 (Sunday)
Second Sunday - 14 Mar 2010 (Sunday)
Leading to Final - 19 Mar 2010 @ United Square

Participating 7Eleven stores :
East - Sengkang Sport & Recreation Center
West - Jurong west blk501 East - Pasir Ris West Plaza
NorthWest - Fajar shopping center
North - Vista Point

Time :
1100hrs – 1230hrs Children | 1300hrs – 1430hrs Adult ( Fajar & Vista Point)
1630hrs – 1800hrs Children | 1830hrs – 1930hrs Adult (Sengkang SRC & Pasir Ris West Plaza)

Tournament Catergory :
Children - age 12 and below
Adult - age 13 and above

4 stores, 2 category, each category - 16 participants
Total participant per store 32
Total island wide 32 X 4 = 128 participants
Winner per store : 1 Champion + 1 Runner up for each category
Total Winners : 8 per day

16 winners from the two Sunday will enter the final.

Registration :

    * Registration period - 22 Feb – 28 Feb (1wk)
    * Ask for the registration form @ 7Eleven stores stated above.
    * Alternatively there's a online registration page (link to be release).

Tournament Rules and Mechanics :
Children catergory
No restriction card grade for all rounds.

Adult category
4 sets of cards to be use
Round 1 (16 participants) – Normal Cards
Round 2 (8 participants)  - Bronze Cards
Round 3 (4 participants) – Silver Cards
Round 4 (2 participants) –  Gold Cards

Rules :
  • System balloting will determine the participant's tournament slot.
  • Participants with tournament slot will be contacted or you can check out for the Tournament Namelist.
  • Upon confirmation of tournament slot, participants are not allowed to transfer tournament slot to another party.
  • Participants with Tournament slot will need to pay a registration fee of $5(Adult) or $2(Children) on the actual day of Tournament.
  • Please bring along NRIC/any other form of identification document on the actual day of tournament for identity verification.
  • Actual Tournament registration start 1hr prior to the stated tournament timing.( ie tournament start @ 1100hrs, registration start @ 1000hrs to 1045hrs)
  • Absentee or latecomers (15minutes before tournament commence) will be disqualified.
  • Please  ensure all particulars submitted are accurate as we might need to contact you. Any details found to be incorrect on actual tournament day, participant will be disqualified.
  • Tournament participants lineup will be drawn on the actual tournament day.
  • Only original local english version 1 & 2 animal kaiser cards are allowed.
  • Tournament official will check participant's cards before scanning.
  • Parental consent is required for children catergory.
  • Multiple entries submission will be counted as 1 entry.
  • Event organizer's decision on tournament result are final.
  • Event organizer reserve the rights to amend terms and conditions of tournament.

PS : Players who did not get tournament slot this time round, do drop by to witness the event  or support your friends! ^_^

Prizes :
Qualifier (store level) :
Champion : Gold Champion lion + Gold Box set + Grey Wolf Promo Card + Soft Toys
1st Runner : Silver Box set + Grand Finalist T-shirt + Grey Wolf Promo Card + Soft Toys

Champion : Gold Champion lion + Gold Box set + Grey Wolf Promo Card
1st Runner : Silver Box set + Grand Finalist T-shirt + Grey Wolf Promo Card

Champion Lion Card

Gold/silver box set

Tournament promo card - Grey Wolf

Grand Final
All Grandfinalist get Official Tournament T-shirt.

Champion : Champion Gorilla Card

Champion : Champion Master Leo Card

Wow it's exciting right ?

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