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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

10 Facts on Animal Kaiser English Version 3

How many victories you won against the Version 2 strong boss - Special Ops Leo ? Encountered that powerful attack that can easily bring your HP down tremendously? It's now a Gold-rare Animal Card in version 3 that you can collect !

Here's the Animal Kaiser Version 3 content :
(1)Apes have joined in the battle, see them in some funny attacks ie coconut football

(2)"I'll be waiting for you", said Siegfried - the new, unbelievably strong boss animal 

Japanese Siegfried cards
Bronze Siegfried and Figuring
 Siegfried upgrade (gold card stats)

Siegfried Ultimate

Scroll play time to 1:20 for  "Technique" skill attack by Siegfried - Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (影分身の術, The Shadow Clone Technique)

(3)No more searching, the Great White Shark Gold-rare is back

(4)Feel the power of new strong card with almost perfect stats (444) - "Swift blow"

(5)Beware the evil power - New curse attack

(6)Power up miracle card with new miracle aura

(7)Wish there's a second chance ? "Survivor" effect bring your animal back to life for once

(8)Cripple opponent special 'T' skill with new miracle effect 'T' guard

(9) Version 3 card combination sets

 If you manage to have a free trial of version 3 @ AK Fiesta using the following card sets, which set you prefer ? What will be the best combination in Version 3 ?
Version 3 Gold-rare Animal Card : Special Ops Leo
Strong Card : King's Insignia
Miracle Card : Alien Egg H

Version 3 Gold-rare Animal Card : Lowland Gorilla
Strong Card : Glory of Victory
Miracle Card : Approaching Sun

Version 3 Silver-rare Animal Card : Starburst Tarantula
Strong Card : Swift Blow
Miracle Card : Crashing Moon

(10) IAHgames have upgraded all Animal Kaiser Machines at selected 7-Eleven/iEcon outlets + United Square on 7 April 2010. Check out where to play AK

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