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Friday, April 16, 2010

Animal Kaiser Merchandise

Took this snapshot a few days ago, what kind of animal kaiser merchandise can you identify from the picture ?

Tournament Gold Champion box
Tournament Silver box
Tournament promotion card - gray wolf
Some white cards
Imported Animal Kaiser Album from Japan, look like it's mend for version 3
There's another white card with shark drawn by me, remind me on one of the service trips @ 7-Eleven Geylang Bahru, as usual AK fans will always ask the service staff to give them a card or two but dear AK friends we cant do that. I was kinda playful that day and I asked one of the children what card do you want ? Boy 'A' said, "I want lion card". I took out a blank card and wrote down the word "Lion" and the magic >>>>A "lion card" for Boy 'A'
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