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Monday, April 26, 2010

Just for that someone special - Animal Kaiser gift

Just 2 weeks ago, we received an email request for that someone special. Uncle of a very young Animal Kaiser fan wrote in and requested for an Animal Kaiser related items - a special birthday gift

Check out the interview with the family.....
Daphne is the doting mother of AK player Jonah, who is only 3 years old! She lets us in on the current AK craze and their family’s AK playing habits…

blogmaster :he's cute ! 

What motivated you to ask for a present for your son?
I knew that Jonah will definitely be happy with any AK merchandise. Thanks for the poster! It’s proudly hanging in his room now.

blogmaster : a lovely mum

How did your family get into AK?
My son LOVES AK. He used to just stop and watch the older kids play the game, and would get really excited about all the animals. One day I decided to let him try to play it and he's been hooked since. And since he loves it so much, naturally I have to learn the game so I can help him play.
It's quite simple… just press the green button followed by the yellow button. I try to help him strategize which cards to combine and use. 

blogmaster : it's really simple and easy to pickup, just try it

Are you an avid collector of AK cards too, like most die-hard players?
We started out not too long ago – just January this year. So far we have around 100 cards, from Versions 2 and 3.

What do you all like about AK?
My son likes collecting all the cards, and he gets really excited when he adds a new card to his collection. And I just like seeing my son happy :)

blogmaster : Does he know how to differenate the grade of the cards ?

In your view, why has AK become such a big hit in this region?
I think the kids like the thrill of collecting the cards, the anticipation of getting one of the bronze/silver/gold cards, and the satisfaction of completing the set. It’s essentially a very good card game, but instead of dueling cards on a table, you use a cool machine with fantastic visuals.

Do you get strange stares or comments from playing AK? After all it’s a game for kids.
No! Many parents bring their children to play on the AK game machines. Some parents simply leave their children there with a bag-full of coins. Others sit and play with their kids. But sometimes people get overboard due to their passion for AK, which leads to ugly, aggressive behaviour like hogging the machines or queue-cutting…

blogmaster : everything has it's good side and bad side, how to manage those aggressive behaviour ? 

What do you think of criticisms that AK affects children’s schoolwork?
It's a matter of discipline. I only let my son play AK on the weekends and only a few games (3-5). It's just a fun pastime, and shouldn't compromise children's schoolwork or behaviour. Yes, Jonah wants to play everyday, but I have to set limits. The same thing applies to any pastime or hobby.

blogmaster : it's tough been someone else parent right ? balancing your child study and play. Any mother or dad have special techniques or trips to share with the fellow readers ?

Do you use your son’s interest in AK to educate him?
Yes! He can recognize the animals by their names and learn some of the animals’ characteristics. It helps that the AK animals behave like their real counterparts. So Jonah is actually learning about real animals!

source : http://www.iahgames.com/component/content/article/20-getalife/234-a-special-present-from-animal-kaiser.html

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