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Monday, May 17, 2010

Animal Kaiser Team Tournament - Licence 2 play

Animal Kaiser Team Challenge

Event Information :
Date : 30 May 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 1pm to 5pm
Category : Team (Open)
Venue: One Asia Gaming (Part of Licence2Play), Singapore Expo Hall 6B

Match-up Overview:
- A total of 32 Teams will have a knock-out battle.
- Each team will consist of 3 members to enter team battle.
- 1 point will be awarded to member who win.
- 0 point will be awarded to member who lose.
- The third round of team battle will be considered a walkover once any team secures 2 consecutive wins.
- The team which has the higher point proceeds to next round.
- There will be a final champion team with a first runner up.

Rules & Regulations
# Completing this form will stand your team a chance to enter a balloting system and does not guarantee a match-up slot.
# Please ensure all particulars are accurate, valid and properly entered. Registration with invalid information/typo will not be considered.
# No age limit for all participants of the team.
# Participant is allowed to join only one team. Duplicated registration result in team disqualification.
# N.R.I.C/any other form of identification document (i.e: birth certificate) must be presented upon reporting on actual day of match-up for verification.
# Registration fee of $10 will be collected upon checking in on actual day.
# Transfer of representation is not allowed.
# Absentees or latecomers (15minutes before commencement of match-up) will be automatically disqualified and match is considered a walkover.
# Only original version 1, 2, 3 Animal Kaiser (English) cards are allowed.
# All participants’ cards will need to checked by Event officials before they can be scanned for use.
# Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship (such as undesirable behavior or use of vulgarities) will be disqualified.
# Upon submission of this Registration form, you and your team members agree to the Term and Conditions of the match-up.
# Event organizer's decision on results is Final. Event organizer reserves the rights to amend Terms and Conditions of match-up.
# Registration ends 24 May 2010.

Event info :

>>>Register here<<<

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