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Monday, May 10, 2010

Animal Kaiser Tournament Taiwan - Core Pacific City

The Core Pacific City, organized in 64 games beasts, we are very enthusiastic to see Oh!!
but there are many parents with children to join with the game yo, look at the event, including pictures now!
Thank you for the participation of the

runner-up Ye Meijun use license: the winner of the glory of the African elephant black hole

championship Pei Ming to use cards: red claw scorpion happy offensive meteorites

Date 4 / 25
Event Location: 5th Floor, Core Pacific City TOYLAND Counter
Deadline: starting
places: 64
Eligibility & Restrictions: Disabled Japan cards and pirated card
playing time: 13:00 start
Registration deadline Time: 12:50
Competition prizes: the official format war beasts and beasts war prize card sets
can also be obtained before the 4 of special flash drive Oh 

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