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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Animal Kaiser Japanese Version 12

Finally Version 12 is out !!

Added new gold rare strong and miracle cards

百獣大戦アニマルカイザー第12弾 「脱獄動物の逆襲」

Beast Wars 12th Animarukaiza bullet "Revenge of the animals escaped.

Beast Wars 12th Animarukaiza shot at, the silence in the hearts! ? "Animal Army jailbreak" isI'm going to war!In addition to this, the master blue brother, led the army escaped animals, "Cobalt" andThe previous bullet Bosuanimaru"Lion Machine-HGX" Leah is the ultimate appearance of the two!
Animarukaiza eyes off more! !

44 Animal cards
19 Strong cards
16 Miracle cards


  1. Death Scorch still the all time favourite ! What's your favourite card ?

    check out his son > Kaiser Regulus

  2. Check out the popular #AnimalKaiser cards in our store, maybe you will like it too.


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