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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Animal Kaiser Photos

Dear all AK fans,

We are looking for fun, candid shots, interesting, glory moments, family bonding, educational, inspiring photos ie fun moments you enjoyed playing AK with your siblings, friends or parents ; photos of your younger sibling going through your treasure AK album; photos of your friend's expression focusing deeply into game; photos of glory moments; photos of outing with your loves one at past AK events; photos of DIY AK related items or creation.

please send it to

everyone so excited !

creative card designs

taking their shot

i want red scorpion

brain exercise time

may i have a look at your album ?

smiley faces

The view is much better now


i hate to do this but ......

you gonna get this Animal Kaiser Fiesta Event Promo Card

claps * with excitment

lovely victory !

Team Fajar cheer squad 



The scorpion mark!

mum let's play together

yeah daddy we got the identical match

a kneeling prize giving

shhhhh gonna sell this at Ebay

Wow new release of Version 3

The '4'

so happy!

i wish i could join

hold tight to daddy

look at our face paint animals

7Eleven Champions


wow nice collection

nice foil


come on

i wanna invite my boys up to share the glory

Champion of AK Fiesta Adult Category 

calm and steady

intense focus

i have this card, i want that card 

synchronous play

AK machine replica buildup

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