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Saturday, July 17, 2010

First ever Animal Kaiser Comic

Are you a fan of comic ? What are the popular comic you are reading now ? I recall the last one know was the naruto comic which lead me to following the naruto anime till now wahhaha that like 3-4 years time man.

Some time back during my free time gazing on random ideas of Animal Kaiser, I wonder, I enjoyed watching Animation and I m linked to Animal Kaiser could there be a combination of both - An Animal Kaiser Animation ie pokemon =D : Animals (land, sea, air) which can summon natural power traveling around to compete in a league blah blah blah.....any Animation house keen on starting this project ?

The first Animal Kaiser Japanese comic is out (15 page release talk about characters from version 10 and version 11) Mechanical Monkey seem strong

[A colour version would be even better]

Part 2 to be release in another post ......

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