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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bounty for defeating Scorch (version 4 boss animal)

Dear all AK friends,

Uncle Adrian aka blogmaster for will be hosting a celebration party for his blog one years old anniversary. *clap clap

When : 27 Aug 2010 (Fri) from 8pm onwards
Where : AKClub @ E2MAX (Cineleisure level 9)

Program installed : 
Program A - Scorch challenge - have you defeat this version 4 strong boss yet? Out of 5 attempts, are you confident of defeating it in all the 5 rounds?

How to enter :
1) Prepare a digital camera or mobile phone with video capability.
2) Choose to fight the version boss animal, Scorch ; record the entire battle with Scorch * you must defeat Scorch to qualify.
3) Upload your video to
4) Email the youtube link of the video(you defeating Scorch) to

First video by Sandy Wee, (King Cobra VS Scorch)

Prize : Ultra rare card Siegfried

Program B - Normal knock-out tournament

Prize : Gold Champion Bengal Tiger card and box set

blogmaster (Adrian) - "Hints: ..OK free seq will be given on that day ....if you show up for the events....Deck (A-H)
Limited first 20 families ...."

More info :

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