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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Animal Kaiser For Friend

An Animal Kaiser Player did a video recording of animal kaiser game to share with his friend in America. If a friend who never play Animal Kaiser before ask you about the game. How would you introduce Animal Kaiser to your friend ?

"A friend in Canada was curious about Animal Kaiser, which apparently isn't available in North America, so I went to the arcade tonight and played a game to record it. The game version is 5 (English). The cards used are Schneider, City Blues and Approaching Sun; the latter two are Version 6 cards, but can be used in a Version 5 machine.

Somewhat to my surprise, I managed to beat Scorch -- a rare occurrence.
This was taken on my phone's camera -- relatively good quality considering the phone's at the very low end of the smartphone spectrum."

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  1. thats where your wrong animal kaiser is in a arcade in hawaii


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