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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Animal Kaiser Tournament @ D Magazine store

The AK community has take initiative to run tournament at D Magazine store (located at thomson plaza) on 2 Oct 2011. Here's some photos of the tournament :

 Tournament Chart with participants lineup - who emerge as the winner ? 

 Did you spot any of your friends ?

 If you are there, share with us your experience.

Have you participate in any Animal Kaiser Tournament before ? Play together with like minded others.

And we have the finals...

Final Match - Atlas (Player 1) VS Galleon (Player 2) Part 1 
Perfect first round for Atlas
Tough round 2, Atlas almost got galleon but survivor effect turn the table around

Final Match - Atlas (Player 1) VS Galleon (Player 2) Part 2
Galleon secure the champion position with the finishing super miracle

Congratulations to everyone who participated

Gold Champion : Uncle Chong 
Silver runner up : Joshua Yeo

Kudos to Adrian for running the tournament.
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