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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awesome 2012

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Animal Kaiser Fans ! It's time for school, how are you feeling ? Some may feel that holidays wasn't enough, some of you might have travelled oversea to new places, some of you received lots wonderful wishing/presents, some of you did well in your studies (Congratulation to Xenith Wong!^^ she got herself a good progress award in school. Did you know she's was actually the Fiesta Tournament - Children Category Grand Champion ?

and the list goes on . . .
some of you might have emerge as Champion in Animal Kaiser Tournament, some were so close to winning. ^_* What's do you want to achieve in this new year 2012 ? Let me start the ball rolling - To achieve 20,000 likes on Animal Kaiser Fan page by 31 Dec 2012!

Current : 7482 likes
Target : 20,000 likes
Difference : 12518 likes away

Wow that figure seem huge, if you break it down to per week : 12518 likes / 52 weeks = 240 likes per week

Lets break it down even smaller : 12518 likes / 365 days = 34 likes per day

Next question, how do I achieve 34 likes per day, what strategies I can take ?
- Create more AK tournaments and get new participants to like our page
- Run more store events ie blackbox and get players to share their joy on fanpage
- Encourage existing fans to share Animal Kaiser related videos or pictures on fanpage
- hmmm what else
- hmmm

What are your goals for 2012 ? post your goals as comments
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