Store Tournament @ Omocha - Animal Kaiser Singapore

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Store Tournament @ Omocha

Do you stay around Chua Chu Kang area ? or live near Yew Tee MRT, Omocha is hosting the first Animal Kaiser Store Tournament this coming Aug 2012 !

Date : 5th Aug 2012
Time : 1pm - 3pm
Venue :
21 Choa Chu Kang North 6
#01-05 YewTee Point
Singapore 689578

1. The competition is limited to 16-participants and registration is on a first-come-first-serve

2. A One-Time Registration Fee of S$5 is required and will be refunded if there are not enough
participants to commence. However, NON-ATTENDANCE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Name
& contact number is compulsory for notifications.

3. All 16-participants will receive a Tournament Promotion Card upon registration.

4. Participants should turn up 30-mins earlier on the competition day for verification. Absentees
or latecomers (10-mins after commencement of competition) will be automatically disqualified
and opponent scores a walkover.

5. Gameplay during competition is FREE.

6. Participants are required to bring their own cards for their best results and only ORIGINAL
CARDS will be accepted.

Competition Rules

1. All 16-participants will draw lots to determine their spots.

2. Each game will have 2-participants versus each other. Gameplay is FREE.

3. Participants are not allowed to change their card combination throughout all the
matches. Submission of cards to the Organiser is necessary before start of competition. No
borrowing of cards.

4. Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship or undesirable behaviour such as use of
vulgarities or suspected cheating in any form will be disqualified.

5. Each game consists of 3 battles and the first to get 2-wins out of 3 battles will win.

6. Winner will proceed to the next round and the dispensed card will go to the loser.

7. The Top Winner will receive a Limited Edition Champion Card & Gold Champion Card

Box and the 1st Runner-up will receive a Silver Card Box.
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