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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Great Animal Kaiser Tournament

おお!勝利のダブルピース!スバラシイ!おめでとうございます! RT 渋谷東急で息子さん(4歳)が優勝しましたょ( ´艸`) 優勝決めた瞬間の息子さんのドヤ顔が忘れられません(^◇^;) 

Oh! Double piece of victory! Great! Congratulations! Doss son's face at the moment of (艸 '`) decided that victory ょ son (4 years old) had won the Shibuya Tokyu RT @ maamerochan can not forget (^ ◇ ^ ;)

Have you play Great Animal Kaiser before during your visit to Japan ?
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