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Friday, February 15, 2013

Super Rare Card Campaign Evo 6

Super Rare Card Campaign

How to exchange - 3 STEPS ?
1) Play at your nearest Animal Kaiser machine >

2) Collect 5 X "Big AK" cards

"BIG AK" card

3) Mail the 5 pieces of "BIG AK" cards together with your personal details :
a) Name : 
b) Contact no. :
c) Email address :
d) [IMPORTANT] Return mailing address for us to mail you the prize : 

Mailing address : 
To : Games Credit Asia Pte Ltd
26B Smith Street 
Singapore 058940

Super rare card pack


* Exchange are while stock last.
* If we ran out of Super Rare Card Pack, the "Big AK" cards will be mail back to your return mailing address.
* Upon receiving your submission, we will mail out 1 random super rare card pack to the stated return mailing address within 7 working days.
* The submitted 5 "BIG AK" cards will not be return.
* Maximum exchange per mail is 10 "Big AK" cards.
* GCA takes no responsibility on missing mail both ways.
* Enquiries on exchange status will not be entertain.
* Strictly no walk-in exchange.


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