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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Animal Kaiser Evolution 7

Animal Kaiser Evolution 7

Release Date in Singapore : 15 May 2013

Japanese version : 百獣大戦アニマルカイザー第14弾 「全動物絶体絶命」
Animal Kaiser Japanese Version 14 - The Battle of Fate !

Theme : Royal Rumble of the Animals

Story :

Translate - Finally, huge boss expressed its nature "destruction Shironagasu Emperor" comes up, ultimate level 
participation in Akado! ! 
"Successive Animal Kaiser" 7 body revived, yet to compete with it, take advantage of transcendence 
appeared limited design in the "Kaiser rare" card! Super strong! ! In addition, card revival of surprise ...! ? 
Animal Kaiser history, most! Rare card ultimate lineup generous helping of law breaking! ! 
Defeat the boss animal in history strongest animal hero of you, Save the Earth! !

Animal Cards : 47
Strong Cards : 21
Miracle Cards : 18

Ultra-rare Cards :
  1. Armageddon Vertus

Gold Cards

Download Animal Kaiser Evo 7 game flyer.

Animal Kaiser Evo7 flyer

Comparing to the previous version, Animal Kaiser Evo 6,

Here is the card list for AnimalKaiser Evo 7. Have you collected them all?
Animal Kaiser Evo 7 cardlist

What is your favourite combination for this version?

Also Games Credit Asia (GCA) is offering BIG AK Cards Exchange Evo 7

Download your free Animal Kaiser Evolution 7 kit : 
  1. Evo 7 card list
  2. Evo 7 facebook cover photo
Battle Videos of Animal Kaiser Evolution 7 : 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Evo 7 Big AK Card

What's your speculation on the next version, Animal Kaiser Evolution Version ? Animal Kaiser Evolution 8 ??
Theme : ???
Ultra Rare Cards : ???
Boss Animal : ???
Release Date : ???


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