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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Animal Kaiser Tournament at JLT

Recently, JLT just hosted a silver card only tournament. Which means that players are only allow to use silver cards in the tournament similar to the Bronze tournament that we have ran in the past months.

The participants turn out was amazing ! A total of 67 players with more than 100 over families and friends to support the players according to the organizer.

It's like a mini carnival here =)

Hmm do we have more adult on Animal Kaiser than kids ? oh wait is this the adult category 

Congratulation to the winners !
 Nick Hasegawa won the Silver and the Kids Champions tournament back to back !

Congratulation to the Adult Category Winners !

Victorious 50 Wins - Tanner

I believe quite a number of players have participate in Animal Kaiser tournament before. Out of which, some players manage to secure a victory in tournament with their excellent card combination, game play and a little luck. Out of these small percentage of winners, there are some elites one whom some of us may think that they have some secrets hidden in their pockets that enable them to emerge as winner of Animal Kaiser Tournaments regularly. And with sheer determination and desire to be only the best and nothing less, one might be able to achieve "Glory and Honor" symbolize by the rare Golden Bald Eagle Trophy ! Only awarded to the player whom have gone through hell lots of hardwork, patience, practice to achieve 50 Victory in Animal Kaiser Tournament. Congratulation to Tanner ! //coincidentally he's wearing an eagle print singlet too =)

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