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Friday, July 11, 2014

Great Animal Kaiser ID Card, Promo Card, Comic set

GAK ID card  + Promo Cards + Mini Comic + Card list set

2 Jun 2017 update : This version of GAK ID card is no longer available. Please visit this link for the new version -

Dear #GreatAnimalKaiser players, now you can buy the Great Animal Kaiser (GAK) ID card online.

Physical store locations to buy GAK ID card :
1) United Square Shopping Mall - Monisha Exchange Money Changer, #B1 -K6
2) IMM - News Paradise, #01-82
3) Taman Jurong Shopping Centre - Uncle Tidbits, #01-27
4) E-Hub - So Fun #04-104
5) Jcube - Whimsy #04-55
6) Sembawang Shopping Center - Whimsy #02-22

GAK ID card - 400 uses

GAK ID card set

What's inside the GAK ID card set ?

  1. GAK ID card x 1 (up to 400 save)
  2. GAK comic vol.1 with GAK V1 cardlist cover
  3. Promo cards :  Bolt (Promo Fighter Card), Rajan (Promo Friend Card ) and Wonder of Punishment No. 1 (Promo Miracle Card)
Buy it now.
  1. Simply make payment via paypal or credit card 
  2. Enter your postal address when prompt. Item will be send via registered mail and tracking no. will be email to you. 


  1. Hi. I have sent you an email about a purchase I just made but was not asked for my postal address, so I'm not sure how you're going to send the card to me. Would appreciate a response, please. Thanks.

  2. It's a weird reply from a Taiwanese reader. There is something I'm curious about: we know GAK is a member of the BANDAI DATA CARDASS "DC" system game. In the Japanse system there are "IC cards" used for all DC games, and one IC CARD can be used for all kinds of games (but can only save one kind of data).

    However IC CARD only appears in Japan and ID CARD seems to be exclusive to overseas.

    So here are the question:

    1) Have you ever tried playing this game with "GAK IC CARD" from Japan? (in theory it doesn't work).

    2) Have you ever tried playing this game with "Aikatsu ID CARD" from Taiwan?

    3) How to buy and get "GAK ID CARD" from overseas? Are there independent products or only the promotional comic sets come with a card?

    My theory is, if the "ID cards" are the same, Singapore players can actually import the ID cards from Taiwan too?

  3. The above GAK ID card is readable on English version GAK machines.

    Each GAK ID card comes with the comic and limited promo cards.

    If you're staying outside Singapore, you can still purchase the GAK ID from us via paypal and we will mail it to you.

  4. Are u still selling the ID card?

  5. Hi James,

    its still available.

  6. Hi, are you still selling animal kaiser ID cards and how much is it? I'm getting it for my 5 year old nephew who is crazy about it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa, it's still for sale. U can order via PayPal above. And we will send via registered mail.

  7. Are you sending from USA or Singapore?

  8. Hi, I have made an order and sent you an email with regards to the delivery.

    Could you please respond? Thanks!

  9. Hi, I've made the payment and sent an email to you which includes the delivery address. Please advise.


  10. Hi, the Kaiser ID card still include the 3 promo cards, cos I went E-Hub to buy direct from store but no promo cards. Just the Kaiser ID card only.

  11. I tried to buy one but it said it is sold out. Will you be getting more in-stock?

  12. Hi, the Kaiser ID card still include the 3 promo cards, still in-stock?

  13. [BUYERS PLEASE NOTED] The current GAK ID CARD comes with only one AXEL promotion card. Please purchase the new GAK ID Cards via online on our Facebook page : ANIMAL KAISER SINGAPORE. Our friendly admin will guide you how to purchase the new GAK ID CARD.


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