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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Great Animal Kaiser - Grey Wolf

Gray Wolf
Have you started out playing the latest version of #AnimalKaiser ? It's a brand new machine from Japan called #GreatAnimalKaiser !! currently in it's version 1.

What's different in this version ? 
In animal kaiser, players have to combine 3 types of cards, animal, strong, miracle card.

In Great Animal Kaiser, players combine 3 types of cards namely : fighter, friend and miracle card.

Today we are featuring this GAK1 Bronze fighter card - Gray Wolf.

It has a strength of 5000 with health of 5500. Ultimate move is 'P' attack - "Wolf Driver" with "multi" type miracle match.

So what's a good friend and miracle card to match with it ? share with us here.

Grey Wolf Gallery

How to draw simple wolf


 Okay, you are drawing another simple animal. Start with a circle for the head, and then draw another round shape for the body. Next, draw the connecting neck line, and then the two legs, and tail.
how to draw a simple wolf step 2


 Sketch out the beginning shapes of the muzzle, and then sketch out the fury chest. Next draw the eyes, and then the forehead.
how to draw a simple wolf step 3


 Draw out the ears, and then sketch out the back of the neck, and back. Next, draw the nose tip, and the lining for the mouth opening.
how to draw a simple wolf step 4


 Look how awesome your drawing is coming out. Next, draw the front legs, and paws, and than draw the belly, and hind legs. Once this is done, you can move to step four.
how to draw a simple wolf step 5


 For the last drawing step, sketch out the back legs, and the big bushy tail. Color in the eyeballs and eyebrows.
how to draw a simple wolf step 6


 In the end, your drawing looks like the one you see here. Color it in any shade you like, and then you're done. I hope you had fun drawing a simple wolf.
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