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Friday, June 2, 2017

Great Animal Kaiser ID card set

2nd Series of Great #AnimalKaiser ID card set

Dear players, you can buy the Great Animal Kaiser (GAK) ID card online or visit our partner's store locations to buy GAK ID card :
1) United Square Shopping Mall - Monisha Exchange Money Changer, #B1 -K6
2) IMM - News Paradise, #01-82
3) Taman Jurong Shopping Centre - Uncle Tidbits, #01-27
4) Jcube - Whimsy #04-55
5) Sembawang Shopping Center - Whimsy #02-22
6) Thomson plaza - Shining Painting #01-68

GAK ID card - 400 uses

Axel (Promotion card)

What's inside the GAK ID card set ?

  1. GAK ID card x 1 (up to 400 save)
  2. Promo cards :  Axel (Promo Fighter Card)
  1. Simply make payment via paypal or credit card 
  2. Enter your postal address when prompt. 
  3. Item will be send via the 2 options below

  4. Delivery Method


  1. Hi how Long does it take for it to ship to us

  2. Hi is this GAK ID card usable for all the different versions?

  3. Hi? Are you guys still in business? I went down to Downtown East and the arcade there (name changed to Whimsy) has no idea what GAK ID cards are.

  4. is it still available now?

    1. Easier to buy online off you or go to the shop to pick it up. Which is faster and which shop has he stocks ?

    2. In the end I found it was faster and CHEAPER to get it from the arcade at Changi Airport T3.

  5. Hi, Can i buy and post to Malaysia Kedah?

  6. Bro, I have sent S$20 to you through paypal on 22ndAuv for GAK ID card payment under name wilson. I haven't receive the card till now. May I know if you've deliver the card???

    1. Just received the card yesterday 6th Sept, after 2 weeks waiting. Thank you.

  7. how much must u pay at the shop?

  8. Hi, is the ID card set still available for purchase? I understand it’s discontinued by Japan

  9. Where to buy in shop?? Where is your shop to buy the card?

  10. Hurray!! I just bought my GAK ID card @ NorthPoint City,TimeZone arcade!!


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